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About Henna Tattooshenna tattoos

Henna dye, used for henna tattooing, is derived from the leaves of a Henna plant. The Henna plant is a small tree. The leaves of the Henna plant are dried and then crushed into a powder which is used to create a dye. The tattoo dye is created by adding water, lemon juice, strong tea, or another liquid to make a paste. This paste is applied to the skin, staining it, and creating the tattoo design. 

Henna tattoos are found in a variety of countries and have been used as a form of body art for hundreds of years. The detailed designs made by henna tattoo artists as intricate as they are beautiful. how long henna tattoos last depends on the individual and the design but generally, they last one to three weeks.

Henna Temporary Tattoo Designs

At Asian Eyebrow Threading and Henna Temporary Tattoos we offer a variety of stock tattoo designs for you to choose from. Our beautiful henna tattoo designs bring out your inner beauty and since they are temporary, allow you to express yourself without the lifetime commitment of traditional tattooing. Change up your design as often as you like and try out new designs to go with your mood! Henna tattoos can be done on the hands, arms, legs and feet. Stop in today to get a henna tattoo and turn your body into a work of art!

Custom Henna Tattooscustom henna tattoo

Want something that is totally different and completely you? We offer custom henna tattoos. Whether you have a special occasion coming up that could use a little extra bling or you just want something that is extra special, our design experts can draw a design that is truly special. Come in today to discuss your ideas and let us design a henna tattoo that is totally you.

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