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Shape your brows beautifully and remove other unwanted hair with threading. Fast, painless and affordable. Eyebrows, upper lip, arms, and more! 520-777-9817

About Eyebrow Threadingeyebrow shaping

Eyebrow Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. Using a thin piece of thread, we remove the unwanted hair on your face, arms, underarms, and legs. Unlike tweezing, threading allows larger areas of hair to be removed quickly and painlessly, and unlike waxing, you don' run the risk of being burned by hot wax. Threading, whether it is done on your chin, neck, lip, eyebrows, or any other area of your body also lasts longer than any other method.

Another benefit to threading is there are no chemicals involved in the threading process. Threading is fast and the results are spectacular. It takes just 5 minutes to do both eyebrows and threading will last most people 3 to 4 weeks. If you have your full face threaded you will also be exfoliating your face at the same time. Threading is simply the best way to remove facial hair.

The most common service we provide is eyebrow threading and we will make your eyebrows more beautiful than they have ever been. Dermatologists recommend threading over plucking or waxing and Retin-A users can do this without problems. Stop down and see us today to learn more about our services or for eyebrow threading.

Threading Prices

  • Forehead Threading5.00
  • Upper Lip Threading7.00
  • Sideburn Threading10.00
  • Eyebrow Threading10.00
  • Chin Threading10.00
  • Neck Threading10.00
  • Full Face Threading Special30.00
  • Half Arm Threading30.00
  • Half Leg Threading35.00
  • Under Arm Threading30.00
  • Eyebrow Coloring20.00

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